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It’s week 9 of the Christmas Countdown Challenge.

In my blog this week… 

My week. My five hens. Allotment update. Week 9 of the Christmas Countdown Challenge. The Weekly thing you can do to save money. A Thanks for signing up for my Newsletter. Links to FREE debt management agencies if you need debt management advice and the Disclaimer. 

My week 

This week I am sending my love and thoughts to the Ukrainian people.

Meet Rosie

My five hens 

This week, all are doing well, still providing us with three large eggs a day. I wanted to make sure that the eggs I was eating were from happy well kept hens. One has decided that she no longer wants to roost with the others on the perch but prefers to sleep on the ground in the corner on a nest of hay. I have no idea why. She doesn’t seem broody, so I assume she is in the lowest pecking order. The most important thing is she is happy in her little nest, which is why I started to keep hens. I wanted to make sure that the eggs I ate were from happy, well-kept hens.

Allotment update 

I have finally popped over to my allotment this week to drop off the coffee grounds I collect from my local coffee shop for compost, yet again trying to save the planet, and immediately felt less stressed. It was sunny and quiet. I have to admit; It is my safe place.

Strawberries, Peartree, Blackcurrant bushes are doing well. I pruned the Plumtree last year, but it still looks vast. And finally, the  Buddleja (Butterfly Bush) is still growing.

As I stood looking at the allotment, I couldn’t help but plan where the Potatoes are being planted this year before getting into the car and going home.

Week 9 of the Christmas Countdown Challenge 

It’s week 9 of the Christmas Countdown Challenge. There are 43 weeks until Christmas. If you saved £20.00 this week, you have already saved £180.00 

As we all know, life happens, so if you can’t save every week, then don’t worry, start again next week, by the way, in my garden this week, the Snowdrops are out and looking incredible, hence the above picture this week.

The weekly thing you can do to save money 

Following on from last week, try using a coupon generating app. I’d love to know how you get on, join my Facebook Group here to let me know.

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