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Week 3 of the Christmas Countdown Challenge

An Allotment update.

Meet my Chickens.

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Hi, it’s week three of the Christmas Countdown Challenge

As I look out from my office typing this blog, I see a bright blue sky. Spring is on its way, and it’s week 3 of the Christmas Countdown Challenge, and if you saved £20.00 this week, you have already saved a total of £60.00, but as we all know, life happens, so if you can’t save every week, then don’t worry, start again the following week.

Week 3 Christmas challenge Countdown

My Allotment Update

I popped over to my allotment the other day to check how it was doing. The Strawberries are looking good. The Leeks are doing well and will hopefully be ready by March.

My seed potatoes have arrived today. I won’t be planting until the risk of frost has gone, so probably in April or May. So now I have to plan which part of my allotment I’m planting them on!

As you know, I’m not a professional gardener. But I’m just hoping that my updates will inspire people to grow their food and help save the planet. If you need professional gardening advice, try finding a local gardening expert and see if they can help you.

My five little hens

Meet my chickens. Every morning at 7.30, I open the hatch to let out my five little hens,

The hens always jump out with such enthusiasm for the day that it makes me smile.

If I’m late, I can see one of them are looking out of their coop window from my kitchen window, and when I get to the little hatch, they’ll be knocking on the door. Sometimes I even knockback.
There is Rosie; she has lived with me for about four years. The other four are ex-battery. I call them ‘The Girls’.

I haven’t named the ex-battery hens individually because I felt that they already had a bond from their experience of being battery hens. It just made sense to call them ‘The Girls’, so the name stuck.

And as they all pile out of their coop into their run, they start to chatter to each other, I don’t know what they are saying, but to me, it seems like they’re planning their day and moaning to each other about the pecking order over breakfast.

The Weekly thing you can do to save money

Deduct your savings on Payday, it’s easier to take it out when you get paid, than to hope there is money at the end of the month that you can save.

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