I may have inadvertently helped save the planet.

How I hear you ask?

Well, it all started with ordering a Take-Away.  We don’t have to Take Away often; we try to keep it as a treat.

This particular night, hubby asks the question, “Fancy a Take-Away?”,

“It will save cooking,”

Quite honestly, that was music to my ears. You know, the not having to cook moment, a real sales pitch that works every time.

“OK,” I say, “that would be great”.

Little did I know

Well little did I know that it would be the start of my journey to helping save the planet.

As I’m browsing the menu, hubby then says, “Can you order it?”

“Yeah, OK” I replied.

The responsibility was quite considerable.  So after browsing the menu for at least half an hour, trying to decide what we wanted to eat and the best value meal on the list, which quite honestly was some real feat.

The decision was made

We made our final decision, and I phoned the restaurant, repeating the order like a mantra in my head. We had already worked out how much our order would cost.

The restaurant receptionist repeated the order back to me; everything sounded fine. However, the cost wasn’t; it was a couple of pounds less than we had anticipated. Well, I probably got it wrong, maybe the prices have changed.

The meal arrived

Well, you guessed it, when our take away arrived, I had forgotten one of the two kinds of rice we always have. We still have two because we have different flavours, but none the less, this time we had to share a portion of rice between us.

Feeling like a failure

I must admit I felt a bit of a failure!

Then I remembered a while ago, as I was having a coffee, and the TV was on, suddenly there was a cookery lesson talking about how we don’t use all of the food we buy and how much we throw out each year. Then made banana skin pancakes.

Food Waste

A Fareshare report shows 250,000.00 tonnes of edible food goes to waste every year.

I suddenly realised that maybe by not buying two portions of rice, (which quite honestly we didn’t miss) and by making a minimal change to a habit.   I managed not only to save a couple of pounds, but I also managed to save on the planet’s resources.

Suddenly it dawned on me

And then it dawned on me if this small change made such a difference, what other spending habits could we change to help us save money and the planet?

Please leave a comment on my webpage and let me know if you are thinking of saving money and the planet by changing a habit by.

Count Down to Christmas

There are six weeks until Christmas Day.

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