How’s your Bin Behaviour?

I know, right? Bin Behaviour? “What’s that?” hear you ask?

Keep reading to find out, it’s fascinating stuff!

An interview with Psychologist Keeley Tavener of Key for Change.  

 I’ve always been interested in the impact that stress has on the mind and body, so I asked my friend Keeley Tavener, and she agreed to chat with me on Zoom to discuss the subject.

So I thought I would transcribe an abridged version of the video as an easy read.  If you would like to watch the complete Youtube video, please click here

Bin behaviour.

As Keeley Says, “Check your Bin. You can work out from your Bin or your Credit Card Statements if your behaviour has changed”.

I couldn’t agree more.  With your Credit Card Statement, you can work our your spending pattern and any change in your behaviour.

Signs that stress is on the increase

Which Keeley Says “Is a really important sign your stress is on the increase.” “We look for things like, if we’ve got issues eating, binge eating, there are going to be certain wrappers”.

Keeley continues, “It may mean we are going down the confectionary aisle when maybe we used to give it a wide berth. We have to look at things like cigarettes, recreational drugs is another area and alcohol is another place where it shows up. And even more so, I know I’ve struggled with this through lockdown is internet shopping”.  

I agreed with Keeley and said, “I know what you mean.”

Keeley continues “I was getting parcels coming like six weeks later. I was opening them.  It felt like Christmas ’cause I didn’t even remember what I ordered, you know? Upon reflection that was how my stress with regards to, you know, the uncertainty that we were all facing was starting to play itself out  That was just self-awareness, that’s just about noticing, you know? Noticing is so helpful, it doesn’t mean we’ve stopped it, but actually, in hindsight, I can see that that’s another issue.

If we ignore or repress stress..

 If we ignore or repress stress, when we ignore stress signs, what can ofter happen is it shows up in our driving.”

I had no idea that this happens and was really surprised it hear it does.

“Yeah, Keeley continues, So, it can be, cutting people up, getting disproportionately annoyed, if you are cut up, aggressive driving.  Because sometimes  I think in the car, we are alone. Keeley continues We’re not doing a particular task as such, and so I think driving can often be a place where issues, frustrations can come to us…

The world of epigenetics

We also know, and there’s more evidence from the world of epigenetics.   I am also a fan of Dr Wayne Dyer, and they are talking about disease as well.

So, you know, stress that isn’t identified, compromises, well stress as I understand compromise the immune system as well. You know, fear is also not good for us. And we also know that can make us susceptible to disease as well.

And so it wouldn’t be wise for me to say much more around that; however, I would signpost people to Bruce Lipton’s work about epigenetics and how there are new sciences that are evolving.

That are looking for more broadly than the medical model at the impact that stress has on the organism and how it can be linked to a raft of diseases too.”

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