Need to control your money, just don’t know how?

One way of controlling your money is to budget.

One way of learning how to control your money is to book an appointment with me for a chat.

If you’re going to keep a budget, you need to have a reason.

The main reason for me is to take control of your finances and reduce your stress.

So, what does that mean?

For me, it means I always know my card payment will ‘go through’ at the supermarket. No embarrassing moment. Not having to wish it to ‘go through’ this time. Yep, that’s right I’ve already walked that path, so I know how it feels to have the panic attack at the checkout.

Budgeting for me, means I have control. How does it make me feel? Great.

So how do you start to budget?

You get to know your income really well.

If you’re self-employed, you make sure all your customers are paying their invoices within your terms, usually 30days.

Then you work out your expenses, and if they are more than your income, you need to look at where to cutback, which also means being frugal.

Saving money is a must if you need to balance your budget. This can start with merely buying a value grocery item at the supermarket, rather than a branded item.

Then to balance your budget you have to implement needs over wants, this can be the hard bit, what do you need rather than want?

As an example, I have a car, so that after this lockdown, I can go and revisit my friends.  There is always a discrepancy between what I want and what I need!!

Anyone that knows me can tell that when I turn up at theirs in my car!! (it’s ancient, but still works!!), so I have a car, but I would love a new one. 

The problem is I don’t want to borrow money against it or lose money on it.   So back to the old one then until I have enough disposable income to commit to a new car.

Sometimes we all need someone to talk about our personal finances and help us reach our goals.

If you want to work with your Financial Education and me, helping you have a better relationship with your money and reaching your financial goals.

Book a FREE 30-minute appointment with me to have a chat about working with me.

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