Financial Strategy

What is Financial Strategy? 

Financial Strategy is the journey to your financial goals, broken down into small steps.  

Money Mindset

We all have pre-set ideas about money.   We inherit these ideas from our parents as children (Money Scripts).  

Mostly are only partial truths that we follow unconsciously throughout adulthood as assumptions and beliefs about money.  These shape our financial behaviours.  

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Money Beliefs

There are many belief about money, one of which is a belief that money is wrong and a source of evil.  

Some people believe that if they had more money, they would be happier.  

Money gives some people status; having the next must-have is essential to them.  

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Others keep track of their money; and are careful about their finances.  

Our beliefs are intergenerational

All the above beliefs are intergenerational, we inherit these from our parents, and they inherited theirs from them.  

And our children will inherit our money beliefs!  So, we need to get this right!  

Using a Vision Board to set our outcomes. Gives us space to dream, to be creative and have fun exploring our possibilities.   It helps remind us of our journey and destination.   

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Using person-centred Counselling skills and Tutoring, we can work together to define your journey towards a healthy relationship with your money.

When is the best time to start your financial journey?


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Ref: Financial Therapy Theory, research and Practice, Badley T. Klontz, Sonya L. Britt Kristy L Archuleta, published 2015