My interview with Psychologist Keeley Tavener of Key for Change.

We are talking about the impact that long-term stress has on the mind and body.

I teach financial education, to enable people to make an informed decision concerning their finances.  Because money worries can cause stress, I was interested to know the impact that long-term stress has on the mind and body. 

So I asked my friend Psychologist Keeley Tavener to explain to me how this affects us all in a video that is available on my Youtube channel.  

This is part one of our conversation.

Keely tells me that she is a massive fan of my work in terms of debt and in terms of stress and financial stress.

She continues “ Financial Stress, this is something that definitely comes up in the Therapy Room, with the various clients that I work”…

The Financial issue shows up in the therapy room

“ The Financial issue shows up in the therapy room in terms of why people might not be able to pay for therapy anymore” Keeley continues.

“And sometimes with some clients, I’ll be encouraging them to think about well, what is your relationship with money?

“You know, how much stress does your money relationship bring?

Some people earn a great deal of money

“some people earn a great deal of money, yet for whatever reason, it’s still bringing stress. They don’t know where the money goes at the end of the month”. Keeley continues.

“And stress as a psychotherapist is something that shows up often in the room. But what I find most interesting is that often people don’t realise they’re stressed.”

“Yeah absolutely” I replied “Yeah they carry on don’t they”

The physical symptoms of stress on the body

Keeley continues “so over the years, I’ve been really privileged to understand from my clients, the physical symptoms of stress on the body, and they range from grinding teeth. Which happens when we go to our dentist for a checkup, and we’re recommended a mouthguard.  Ulcers, cold sores”.

 “I also know IBS is a massive factor that comes up for some of my clients, and some of my clients have been misdiagnosed Chrohn’s disease as well.”  “We also know, you know, heart palpitations, high blood pressure is another factor”

“And I think, I think one of the challenges for me is often, you know, my clients have gone to their doctors to get assistance and with the medical model and the fact that everything’s reduced to physical symptoms.  There isn’t always the space.   Or maybe the time for a conversation about, you know, what stresses are going on in your life?”Keeley continues.

Next week Keeley talks about our Bin Behaviour.

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