Together we can help you reach your financial goals.

Take a breath and work out the next steps in your financial journey.

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Thank you so much, Patricia, for working with me on my personal goals vision board.
I feel so much clearer about the direction in which I want my finances to go, and the session was really fun!
I’ve always felt intimidated and anxious thinking about budgeting, but you instantly put me at ease and were able to make a subject I hate enjoyable!
I really appreciated your wealth of knowledge and experience and will take so much away from this session!
I can’t wait to start making my life match the vision board I made in the session, and I am so grateful to you for spending the time to help me do that!  
S 2021


I found the Vision Board session really helpful in clarifying my financial goals and giving me permission to dream. 

Talking about money isn’t always easy, but Patricia created a safe, non-judgemental space that made this feel comfortable. 

The process was fun and has inspired me to focus more seriously on how I can achieve my goals. Patricia also gave me pointers on the next steps to take.

I feel more motivated and equipped to pursue these goals, which I’m very grateful for.

P 2021


After years of recommending Debt Talk to my clients.

Today, I finally had my vision board with the amazing, patient and kind Patricia Buckland.

Utterly outstanding experience and if you’re not great with money, or need help getting out of debt or need help planning your financial future.
Patricia, the founder of Debt Talk, is your go-to person. I can now see the financial future I want in the next three years.
Keeley Tavener

Founder , Key for Change 2021

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