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Merry Christmas 

After a break, I am now back and sending you my Newsletter to thank you for your support over the past year and to wish you a Merry Christmas. My next Newsletter will be in January 2022.

Thank you for joining me with the Christmas Countdown. If you have managed to save for our Christmas Countdown, Congratulations. Now’s the time to celebrate your win and enjoy your Christmas.  

Merry Christmas Happy Holidays
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Christmas Countdown 2022

The Christmas Countdown starts again in the New Year; it would be lovely if you could join me.

What have I been doing?  

As you probably already know, Debt Talk is a Social Enterprise, which means I must help my local community. How would I do this? I donated my time to High Wycombe.

How did I do this? 

Working with several Directors, I became the Treasurer of Wycombe Food Hub and created the finance department for the hub.  

Creating the Finance Department 

Using my finance expertise and board experience, I created and ran the new food hub finance department, including the credit control and purchase ledger departments. Producing the management accounts and reporting to the board weekly.


For sustainability, my idea was to base the food hub on a supermarket business model, which meant accepting donations for a bag of food—offering free food to those who needed the extra support.  No referrals would be necessary, and the hub would be open to everyone. 

Handing over the finance department 

After having completed my task, it was time to hand over the department to people who could help it grow, and that’s what I did. I handed it over to a Finance Director and a Book-Keeper, who can ensure its future growth.  

The Hub now 

The hub is now feeding 400 people a week, which equals 500 bags a week.

It has been a fantastic journey, and I wish all the directors well.  

I got more qualified!  

I’m already qualified to BACP level 3 Counselling Skills, and just recently, I have gained an Introduction to IFS (Internal Family Systems), which now allows me to access Level 1.

Allotment Update

Allotment – I have planted some Leeks to pick next March. I have dug up the potatoes,  

cleared and tidied my allotment, covered the ground with manure and shredding’s, ready for next year.  

I am just a gardener, growing my own and being more environmentally friendly. I am hoping to inspire you to grow your own.  If you need professional advice, look for a  qualified gardener to help you.   

Now I’m getting ready for Christmas too.

I’m now getting ready for Christmas, putting up the Christmas decorations, baking and icing cakes, and I’ve ordered my online shopping.

Below are a few links you might find helpful if you need financial advice.   

If you need financial advice, here are some links you might useful: Step Change  Citizens AdviceMoney Advice ServiceChristians Against Poverty (CAP)National Debt Line,  ShelterTurn2us,     


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